Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Stand of the Grey Knights

So, tonight is the last 5th Ed. league night.  I have never been through an edition change with 40k.  I did go through an edition change with Mage Knight.  Lets hope that 6th edition turns out better than Mage Knight 2.0 did.

Being the last night of the break as well I will continue my testing of the Grey Knights. This time I will be using the dreaded purifiers.  I think that the base 2 attacks can help out my assault woes.  Lets take a look.  

Mordrak +3 Ghost knights 

Strike squad -6 models
                4 halberd
                1 psycannon
                1 hammer
                Razorback + assault cannon + ammo 

Strike squad -6 models
                3 halberd
                1 psycannon
                1 hammer
                Razorback + assault cannon + ammo 

Purifiers -10 models
                4 halberds
                4 psycannons
                2 hammers

Dreadknight  +greatsword+ teleporter + incinerator
Dreadnought +2 TL autocannons  + ammo 

Interceptor 10 models
2 halberds 
1 psycannon
            1 incinerator
            1 hammer 

 Tonight I get to use the famed Dreadknight so I can jump around and burn everything with the cool flamer. I also like Mordrak's ghost Knights.  He is kinda spooky ^_^ I figure with Grand Strategy I can make my Purifiers scoring at least and my Dreads if I roll well.

Tomorrow will be the last time I use the 5th edition book.  I hope along with the book on Sat. they will have the FAQ for all the codex.  If not, the games might have a lot of arguing while trying to figure out the new rules.

There are a ton of sites out there with "rules from the book" I have been reading these and still hold back my judgement until the actual book is in my hand. If true it will be a big change. I am not looking forward to all the psychic powers flying around with my xenos huddling in the corner.  Yea a T-shirt save against these uber powers.  It is going to be awesome.

We shall see in a couple of days....