Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Light ant the end of the webway portal

Tonight is the last night of the league at Fantasy Books andGames.  After 5 weeks of Dark Eldar I have come to some conclusions on my list and the army in general. 

First of all, I expect too much from my close combat units, especially the wyches.  I get them into combat and they usually kill what they attack but then, they are out in the open.  With only a 6+ against shooting and T3 it is easy to wipe the unit even with feel no pain.  The incubi are a little better with their 3+ save but they are a lot more expensive to run.
 Second, the Voidraven bomber is not as good as the Razorwing fighter. After using both of these the last couple of weeks, I find that the extra points needed by the bomber, to buy some missiles, are not worth it.  I have never had an opportunity to use the bomb and the void lances really did not outperform the dark lances on the jet.  The jet comes with 4 missiles standard and 2 dark lances and a splinter cannon.  So, if you don’t have a vehicle to shoot at you can use the cannon to lay down some poison shots.  The next time I play these guys I might pick up another jet or get a couple of ravengers like everyone tells me to.
The reavers are not worth their points.  I think another squad of scourges would be a better choice or just make a 10 man squad of the bird men.  They both use the heat lance weapon which is a 18” melta with the lance rule.  The only problem is my dice do not want to roll higher than a 2 when rolling to hit.
If I use the scourges I cna add a blaster pistol and a power weapon to help if they ever get into combat.
This brings me to my feelings on this army and me.  I think This is a great army with a lot of potential. Unfortunately this style just does not mesh with the way I like to play.  I think both the orks and nids better suit my playstyle.  Lots of bodies running around rushing into combat.  When they do shoot there are 20 - 30 guys shooting  or  each guy getting multiple shots so the shear volume of shot have to hit something.  Sure it is nice to have those high strength low AP shots to hurt those terminators but when you do 15 wounds they are bound to roll a one sometime. 

I also feel bad about not having these guys painted.  I only have about half the units painted in this army.  Over the next year maybe I can get some more of them painted the next time I get them out.

Looking forward we usually have 3 weeks of down time then another league starts up.  I might just bring out my Grey Knights for this short break just to give them some air.  I usually don't run the purifier spam list and I only have 1 dread with rifle man arms so I do not run the carzy net builds.  Heck I don’t own any libies or a Stormraven. My list are pretty tame and I will make anyone who hates grey knights happy by giving them a win ^_^  If I do this, it will motivate me to at least assemble the daughters of the flame I got so I have some deathcult assassins to play with.

This weekend is the big Apoc game that has been in the making for the last few months.  We are playing a  "bring all your models" type game which for me is just under 5k.  I have to make sure I count all the extra stompas that I am borrowing. 

I would list out what I am actually bringing but that would give those pesky Space Marines some advance warning.  We don’t want to give them that big of an advantage >_<