Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday WIP

 This week I  did some work on my deathcult assassins.  I am not a big fan of black models so my assassins are bright and colorful >_<

The one with the hood was the one I painted first.  After I finished it I thought it needed a bit more to stand out.  The armorplate's color was just to close to the cloth so I switched it up on the second and 3rd model.  I like the lighter color plates and will probably have to go back and "fix" the first one.  Of corse it is painted so I will work on the non-painted ones before going back.

This is my Inquisitor.  For some reason I thought they had a weapon that counted as a lightning  claw.  Aparrently I was thinking of one of the assassins oh well I still like the claw so it will stay as a power weapon.  thanks to Matt for giving me the idea to use a Space Marine backpack with out the vents.

Lastly I have my Necron Scythe.  It can be either a doom or night scythe.  There is only 1 difference between the 2 and it is easy to magnetize.  now only if it will be easy to paint. 

Looking forward to the later part of the week.  I will have my normal Thursday league night where my Grey Knights will head out and die.  Friday Fantasy Books and Games will be running the farewell to 5th Tournament at 6pm.  At 1500 point and a hour and a half time limit, it will much different than the normal 1850 games I usually play.  I am bringing out my IG for this fun.

I will post my list later this week.

Have a good week.