Tuesday, June 19, 2012

first draft of IG list for tourney

Coming up soon is sixth edition and my local game shop is running a 1500pt tourney with the prize being more entries in raffle for a 2000pt army.  This would be a great way for me to get one of the armies I don't have. That is a post for another day.  Today I want to go over what I have planned for the event and to get some opinions what I could change.

Company Command Squad - sniper X2, Autocannon, Chimera, Carapace Armor

Vet squad - plasma gun X 3, autocannon, Carapace Armor, plasma pistol

Vet Squad - meltagun X3,  missile Launcher, Carapace Armor, plasma pistol, Chimera

Vet Squad - meltagun X3,  missile Launcher, Carapace Armor, plasma pistol, Chimera
Heavy Support
Leman Russ Executioner- Lascannon

Leman Russ Executioner- Lascannon

Stormtrooper, meltagun X 2, plasma pistol

Stormtrooper, meltagun X 2, plasma pistol

Fast Attack
Hellhound- Bane Wolf pattern

So first off I notice that my plasma vets don't have a ride.  Dang it.   This is why I like writing these things up.  So I need to find 55 points to get them a ride. Also I have the chimeras equipped with the standard multi-las and heavy bolters.  I am wondering if I should change that to multi-las and heavy flamer.  since I will be on the move to get those melta guys into position.

A spot where I could save points is in the vet squads with heavy weapon options.  If I drop all those I think thta will give me 30 points. and If I drop the sargent's plasma pistols I think I will be right at or around 55pts.

Or should I keep it as is and use this squad to camp on an objective

Looking at the list I have  12kill points which is a bit high I think.  with the extra chimera it will bring me to 13.

As far a what else I could bring I have a squad of ratlings, another Russ and a manticore missile system.  I have maybe another squad of troopers but no extra heavy weapons.

I might be able to do 2 vet squads,  a 20 man platoon squad with a heavy weapons team  with CCS and PCS.  I might have to pick up some extra guard for this but it might me do able but would it me more effective?

let me know what you think.