Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Da Plane! Da Plane!

This weekend, during my horrible tournament experience, I got to test out the new ork flyer.  With the limited playtime I got with this unit, I am not sure I got a full idea if they are worth adding in or not.  I did get an impression though and with that impression I will answer some basic questions.

1. Is it worth its cost?
Right now it cost $45.50 directly from GW.  I try to always buy from my FLGS  and they run about the same price. (Support where you play is my motto!) It is a cool model, designed very well and has 3 variants for you to build.  with a lot of magnets and some skill I am sure you could make your model all three but I do not have the patience or the skill so I built the one pictured above.(not actual picture of mine)

I really like it.  I can definitely tell it is an ork plane.  I like it more than the Forge world ones.  witch are a lot more expensive and made from resin (yuck) So yes, if you like the looks and want an ork flyer I say pick one up!

2. Is it a good unit?Is it better than other options?
With 3 different types I will go through each one seprately.

The Burna-bomber is how I have mine kitted out just because I thought  it was the coolest looking of the 3 and that is my number one priority when it comes to my orks.  With this loadout you get 1 TL supa-dakka and 1 TL big shoota and 2 bombs.  You can also buy missiles for another 10pts each. I ran mine with 4 missiles and a red paint job bringing him up to 200pts.  In an ork army that is a ton of points. My battlewagons are only 130 each.  With this unit though I can fire 4 missiles that ignore cover, fire some TL- shots, and drop a bomb(if I flew over a unit and not gone flat out).  On a WAAAAAGH turn I get double the shots with my guns.

Is it good? It is OK. I think there are better fast attack choices out there. If you want some long range cover ignoring small blasts then it is this is your choice.

The second plane is the DakkaJet.  It comes with 2 supa-dakka guns with the option for a third.  This will give you 9 Twin linked shots.  Also it has a rule making an ork shoot at BS3 at all ground units with the possiblity of boosting all shots to BS3 for 10pts.  I think this guy compares to a squad of lootas. For about the same points as 10 lootas you can have 1 dakka plane with 3 guns but no BS3 on flying units. With 10 lootas you get 10-30 S7 shots with BS2.  With the jet you get 9 T-L S6 shots with BS3. Also, on the Waaaagh turn you can get 18 shots.

To be honest I like the Jet over the lootas.  Ususally with the lootas they get shot once and then run off the board anyway,  on dawn of war missions they walk on anyway, and more often than not I have only got the 10 shots instead of the 30.  If they shared the same slot it would be a no brainer.  If you want to be the most Dakka of the orks why not take 3 squads of lootas, 3 dakkajets and some mobs of shoota boys.  Can you imagine the firepower you could bring to the table DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!!!!!  

 The last plane is the Blitz-bommer.  This guy is for all you guys who love random stuff in your ork army.  It comes with 2 supa-dakkas, and 2 bombs.  These bombs hove some funny rules on how to use them.  first you get within 1 inch of your target.  then you roll 2D6 on the chart.  This can do many things.  One is crash the plane, another is hurt both you and the target, still another is acutually hitting the target, and last ly you can hit your target AND shoot your guns.  This is all done in the movement phase so you could still shoot your guns in the shooting phase.  He likes to WAAAGH as well so you can have 12 shots on the WAAAAAGH turn.

This guy is right up there with the shock attack gun and weird boy.  All 3 use a chart to roll on and all 3 can be good or bad.  Some people love the randomness of orks.... unfortunatly I am not one of them.

3. Is it worth its points?
If you are looking for some Fast Dakka then the jet might be worth it.  The burna would be good againt non power armor armies.  The Blitza is just there for fun.  They are all fun and cool models but all of them are paper airplanes.  the only thing that could be good for them is that they are not a high priority.  Do you shoot that plane that just launched all its missles or that battlewagon barreling down on you? Since I have the model I just might have to run it now just so I can go, " voooosh!!!! dakkakakakaka! Voooooooosh!!!

 4. Is it fun to play?
Yes.  It is orky,  It is silly! I must get more!!!

Questions? Comments? Waaaaaghs?