Thursday, June 14, 2012

A journey into the Grey

This week starts open play for league night at Fantasy Books and Games.  Usually there is a 3 week break between organized play sessions.  I tend to use these weeks to play some of my weaker armies or like I did during the last break, try out new units.

This break I am going to play the Grey Knights.  Man, I can hear the groaning through the internets.  Trust me my list is not one to groan about.  Let’s take a look. 
Inquisitor Valeria
GK Strike Squad X 10
                -justicar w/force sword
                -Deamon hammer, halberd X 6, psycannon X 2
                -Razorback  w/ assault cannon
GK Strike Squad X 10
                -justicar w/Halberd
                -Deamon hammer, halberd X 6, psycannon X 2
                -Razorback  w/ assault cannon
GK Terminator Squad X5
                Justicar w/halberd
Heavy Support
Land Raider
                TL Autocannon X 2, ammo          
Fast Attack
GK Interceptor Squad X 10
                -Justicar w/ halberd
                -Deamon hammerX1,IncineratorX1, 
                      PsycannonX1, sword X 5
Henchman Warband
                -Deathcult assassin X 8

I don’t have a single purifier or paladin in this list.  Probably will regret that.  Really this list includes almost all of my models that I have for the grey knights.  All I have left is a Dreadknight, a vindicar assassin and a rhino/razorback.
The basic idea behind this is have the strike squads combat squad so the 2 psycannons can walk around and shoot while the razorback moves out to deliver the second half of the squad.  The Interceptor squad can split as well to cover more ground if needed.  The Terminators can camp an objective or deep strike in to help out where needed.  The assassins and Inquistor load up into the land raider and jump out and attack weakened units.
My big fear is that my Henchmen will be like the wyches in my dark elder list.  They will jump out. Wreck some face, then die to torrents of fire but I wanted to use the models that I got for these guys.   After buying a pack of deathcult assassins, I knew I needed an alternate model.  So I found the Daughters of the flame from Privateer Press.  

Then, after reading that the henchmen need an inquisitor to be selected I started to look at the options on the GW website.  I hate the Cortez model.  There is some decent models for generic inquisitors but all the heads look horrible.   So I went back to Privateer Press and found Thyra, Flame of Sorrow.  I figure this model will fit with my henchmen quite nicely.  I cut off the hands and added a different CCW and a las pistol.  I might cut off the smokestacks and add in standard space marine backpack.  I need to ask around and get some opinions .  If you have one, let me know.

That is my idea for my first Grey Knight List.  I should have a good time no matter what I do win or lose.  I have 2 things I don't ever have.

1. 3+ saves (man I like these)
2. Terminators (2+/5++ is nice on a troop)

the only thing that would be better is a 2+/3++ troop.... Maybe some day I will make the sword and board army.