Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the pipes are bursting!!!!

So all of you living under a rock there are leaked pics of the White Dwarf issue introducing 6th ed.  Here are the picks I stole from BoLS who stole them from another site >_<

Looking at all the different options I am glad I got the regular edition. I just wish they had the mini rulebook out now so I  didn't have to haul around all that fluff that I will never read. I might pick up the templates since they are open so it would be easier to see what lies under them.

 Thanks to the chart I see that most of my armies do not get the new fancy "psychic" (cough *magic* cough) cards.  this reminds me of when 8th came out and I was told that magic became key and I looked at my dwarves who don't do magic.  I put fantasy away for good that day.  If I thought I could get any money for them I would sell them.

So now psychic seems to be getting a buff and I am on the outside looking in.  No reindeer games for this Rudolf... again.

The dice look confusing and poorly designed.  maybe they will be better in person but I doubt it.  They remind me of those fancy metal dice that the shop got it.  Sure they look cool but I couldn't tell you what I rolled.  I hate when I play with someone with dice I can't read.  I always feel that I saw a 3 when they said it was a six.  It just pisses me off and after the third or forth time I stop caring about the game and stop watching them roll altogether.  (lesson to learn here: if you want to beat me in a game just get some of those red and yellow dice with the off white pips.  By turn 3 you can cheat like crazy.)

It looks like there is going to be a bunch of book keeping in this new edition.  Different AP effects on vechiles, different objective types, hull points,  what psychic powers you and your opponent have... I think this will be a much longer game.  Pack a lunch ^_^

 On a side note there is the last 2 necron models to come out.  I do believe that this will make the codex 100% completely represented.  I just wish that the cryptek got a plastic box set so you can make each type look different without mods.  I am just bad with conversions.  I will probably be getting Anrakyr the traveller just because he looks cool.  I am not sold on Orikan.

That is all for today.  Tomorrow I will go over my IG list and propose a second list that might be better.

questions? comments? nom nom noms?