Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I am working on

Here is my newly painted stormtrooper with meltagun. sorry about the bad picture.  there was a red reflection on the model and hair stuck to the model sigh.I do like how it turned out though.

 Also our Forge World order came in.  Hurray.  A big bag of grot tanks.
 Here is a shot of  the first one.
 and another angle
That is all for now. I am eager to get the new edition.  I am not sure I like what I am hearing about the new rules.  I think tanks are going to fall apart way to quickly.  3-4 glancing hits will drop most tanks.  This means I prob will not take some of my favorite units. IE Monolith, Leman Russ, battlewagons. Ok, I still might bring battlewagons >_<

I am a bit worried about removing casualties from the front.  This will make it hard for my orks to make it into combat.  I move closer the front ranks get mowed down and then the back guys move up to where the first guys died and get mowed down... wash and repeat.  I know it will be more realistic but makes it harder for us non power armor guys.  I wouldn't care about cover if my guys all had a 3+ save too.

It is the charm of playing a xenos army. ^_^

T - 2 days 15 hours