Friday, June 22, 2012

Starlight, Star Bright, first star I see tonight,

It is friday and I thought a fun little article would be..."What army would I get if I won the raffle?"

No some of you might be wondering, "What Raffle?"  Let's start at the begining.....

6th Edition less than 8 days away and to celebrate my favorite store, Fantasy Books and Games, is having a raffle for a 2000pt army that the winner (pick me, pick me) gets to have input on.  I know my chances of winning are low,  but as Han says,"never tell me the odds."

So if I win, which army woulr I want. First out of the box I thought I could try the all Sword and board army.  This is a army consisting of only terminator or models that can use a storm shield and power weapon.  I would allow a verity of different weapons claws, axes, hammers as long as they have a shield with it.  Some say I should do this with Dark Angels but I was thinking wolves since I could have T wolf calv with the loadout as well as some Terminators.  Either or would be cool but I think I like the wolves better.

Then I got to thinking... The blood angels assault marine army with some furioso Dreads with claw would be cool too.  Having a bunch of guys jumping around killin stuff with meltas is just fun.  Especially if they now have some I10 attacks on the charge.

Then I thought, "Hey this is Xeno for the Win not space marine for the win." Which Xeno army don't I have a lot of and want to make an army for??? Tau of course!  I could get a tau army with these super winnings and have a field day pew pewing until I get charged :) 

Lastly there comes the lowely Iron Warriors.  I have 2 squads and a rhino but I have put a hold on the army since I have spent so much time on my other armies.... I am so ashamed.  But if I win I can get those 2 Vindicators and terminators with a land raider and whatever else Brandon thinks would be fluffy...

So ther you have it.  My wish list.  Now if Only I could win!

have a good weekend!