Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday's League List....nom nom nom

Well, it is Thursday again, time for me to go over my list for league play. For all you guys at Fantasy Books and Games this will give you an opportunity to see what I am running and make a list to smear me :)

This week I am bringing out the bugs.  I am not sure how competitive this list will be but, it is usually does pretty well.  I have added in some zoanthropes we will see how they do.
on to the list

Tyrant- tl devourer with worms, armored shell,hive commander, leech, Paro, regen
    T Guard - bone sword * 2
Tervigon- Catakyst
Termagants  * 16
Genestealers- toxin sacs * 10
Genestealers- toxin sacs * 10
Hormaguants - adrenal glands, toxin sacs * 13

Fast Attack
Gargoyles - Adrenal Glands, toxin sacs * 15

Hive Guard * 2
Hive Guard * 2
Zoanthrope * 3

Carnifex, bio-plasma, regen

total- 1850
the typical idea behind my nid list is that the stealers infiltrate as close as they can to the enemy with the tervigon outflanking.  The termas and hormas bubble wrap my tyrant and zoans and the gargoyles cover the carni.  this will allow my army to march across the field a bit protected.  like always flamers and blasts are bad news.  I have tried the Venomthropes in the past ans have had mixed results.  I hear the Zoans are good at poping tanks and the AP3 blasts might come in handy... I just hope they live long enough to use them.  My luck is I will be up against an Eldar army and my Psychic powers will become moot.

to make room for the Zoans I have taken out a third squad of genestealers.  They are my favorite unit and they seem to do well most of the time... I used to outflank them but people now castle in the center leaving them high and dry most of the time ... If the game is spearhead I might chance sending one to outflank since they will have to set up near the board edge that way...

My worst fear is a dragio list or deathwing.  I hate Terminators with a passion.  without a lot of AP2 shooting it will be hard to bring them down before they start wittling down my ranks. Shield and Hammer guys are just wrong... I am looking at you Chad :P

Oh well, with 76 models to start with and more to be pooped out later I feel my swarm will be ready for some fun and I can hear their stomachs growling from the back of my car already.

Time to get eating. Nom nom nom....