Friday, March 23, 2012

PlanetStrike Marines Vs Orks

Last night was the first night that we played a planetstrike scenario. Since I have a rather large ork army I was chosen as a defender.   My last couple of entries have been my setup and the army I was going to play.  Last night I got to play.  My setup was pretty close to what I planned except where I wanted ruins I had more forest and one of my battlewagons started in reserve.

My opponent played a vanilla space marines list this is what I remember
Assault termies 4 klaws, 1 hammer and a chaplain
Squad of termies.  I think his captain was in this squad with a power sword
2 tac squads
a squad of bikes with a plasma gun, a flamer, and a melta and an attack bike.
A whirlwind
A vindicator
Dread with DCCW and TL lazcannon
Dev squad with 2 missles and 2 lazcannons
Firestorm round
Landspeeder storm with scouts.

Someone told me my battlewagons would be the target of the firestorm drops and they were.  They wrecked one and immobilized the other.  The KKF did not help them at all.  The rest did minor damage to some boyz and stunned my main bastion.

Turn 1
Units who arrive: a tac squad, dread, whirlwind, the assault termies and his dev squad.
He parked his whirlwind in the corner and walked on with his dread, tac, and dev squad from his chosen board edge.  His termies dropped near the top left corner of my fort. And his landspeeder on the top right corner.  I chose to shoot my interceptor guns at these two deep striking units.  I kill one termie and shake his landspeeder.
The whirlwind does some minor damage to some boyz and the dread does not pen the left bastion. Then he assaulted my boyz.  I killed one of his termies and he killed 9 boyz.  I had just enough boys left to still be fearless so I took 8 more wounds leaving 2 boys and 1 nob. 

My battlewagon got to come in  and so he decided to run over the whirlwind.  Which it does and then runs into the dev squad.  The boyz then pile out and get ready to assault. The shoota boyz, who were in the wrecked wagon, moved up to help out the boyz in combat with the termies.  The boyz squand that started out in the open on the right side moved towards the landspeeder. The Kans do some shooting but don’t do anything. So I assault.  The shootas into the melee the wagon boyz on the left assault the dev squad and the tac squad and the right boyz go after the land speeder.  The wagon boyz kill a few amrines and a couple boyz die as well (combat continues). His termies kill the 2 boys left in one squad and a couple of other boys and the boyz kill off all termies except the chaplain.  I lose combat by 5 and my lone nob runs and I take a few more shoota casualties. The right side boys immobilize the landspeeder.

Turn 2
His other squad of termies came in, as did his bikes and the vindicator. His bikes line up on the remaining wagon while his termies came in inside my defense line. I shot the 1 interceptor cannon at these and killed one.  The vindicator shot at the cans but driffed off and missed but, his Dread popped one.  His melta bike hit the wagon but rolled double 1s for pen. During the assaults he blew up my wagon killing 3 guys and my nob killed his chaplain.  I consolidated back to make sure I held my objectives.

Zagstruk get to come in but mishaps and goes back into reserves. My bottom squads of Kans move towards the vindicator and my top kans got ready to assault his regular termies. I forget to move my wagon. It was a bad day for my memory.  My shootas moved toward the bastion trying to move in and get on top to shoot down on the incoming marines. My boyz on the right side surround the landspeeder and the boys who’s wagon was just blown up from under them bunch up to go after the termies.  For my shooing my battlecannon on the center bastion hits the vindicator but fails to pen my bottom kans did not kill anything and my top kans kill a marine. Then I forget to assault with these guys I go straight into swing at the landspeeder.which I wreck but I left enough room for him to place his scouts. I killed off some more marines in the combat on the left.  His Dev run off the board and I consolidated into the squad that was still in combat.
At this point my phone died so I will try to sum up the rest of the battle.

Turn 3
On his turn his last tac squad came in near the center bastion. He moved his bikes up to kill my shootas and his termies turn around and get ready to assault the kans.  His vind misses and his dread pops the single kan. His tac squad misses with the metla shot.  His scouts shoot my boyz then assault them.  The boys wipe them out.  The bikes kill enough boys to make them break and they start running and his termies stun one kan but the kans strike back with a vengeance and kill all but two terminators.  While my boyz of the left finish off the Tac squad.

Zagstruk comes in killing 3 boyz but they are within striking distance to the Dread and the vind. My boyz on the left get out of the way of my wagon which, then runs over the vind.  My bottom cans start chasing his bikes. While my other boyz move to the right objective.  Assault the dread with my boyz but, I forget to have Zag assault.  The boyz stun the dread while I kill off another termie with my Kans.

Turn 4
He moved his bikes up and fail to do anything with them and in assaults I take off the DCCW off the Dread and Pop the last terminator.  Zagstruk moves to the bikes as do the Kans.  The other Kans move toward the tac squad and then assaulted them Zag and co go after the bikes and slaughter them while the kans tie up tac squad.   

 Turn 5
At this point all we had were assaults I killed a few guys they don’t run . we rolled for turn 6 and rolled a 2.  A good Game with Orks holding all 3 points.

Some days I am my own worst enemy.  I forgot to assault 3 times, forgot to shoot the battle cannon, which I used 2 stragetem points for, at least 2 times.  I moved my Kans with their rear armor exposed to the Termies luckily they only had stormbolters.  I forgot to move my Battle Wagon and forgot to try to repair the immobilized battlewagon on turn 1.  That was a lot of mistakes. I was just lucky none of them cost me the game.

Overall I liked this list but I think next time I will try the crossfire setup and hide my troops inside their bastions at least for the first turn.  I will prob drop most of the Kans and try out some others units.  I don’t use big guns much so maybe I will try that.

Any way have a good weekend.  I will be working on my terrain for next week so I don’t have and rice crispies walls >_<  

Here are some shots of my scratch built quad guns