Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick and easy Defensive wall terrain

Today I am going to describe how I made the defensive walls that I use in my planetstrike game.  they are pretty easy and look decent enough.

materials: Project bricks, foam board, paint, glue, paper mache.

I started with some project bricks  I took several bricks and cut them in half long ways and some of these I cut in half again.  I then cut the foam board to make a base for my wall.

I glued these together in a random fashion.  Using full bricks stood upright for end points.

Next, I based the walls with the paper mache to give the ground some texture and base coated the wall black
Once the paper mache was dry I gave it a coat of brown while I heavily drybrushed the wall grey
To give it a little more detail I drybrushed the wall with lighter shades of grey and the ground with a tan color and then a ivory color.  I then clear coated it and it is ready for the game board

hope you like it.

Tomorrow is Planetstrike take 2  with a new list and a new defense stragety.  See you then.

as always questions and comments are welcome.