Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking for Wraith Models

Today I am going to look at some of the available Necron models that are out there to fill the rolls that GW has dragged their feet in bringing out. Whatever reason GW has for not giving us these models really does not change the fact that I need these models to play.  Sure making more crypteks is not hard.  I can do that but guys like Wraiths and Tomb Blades
are just not possible for some one like me who can not make something that looks close enough to satisfy my needs.

So the first model I am looking at is the wraith.  the old one looks like this:
pretty much a necron guy with a tail and some claws.  the new one is supposed to look like this:
it is quite a bit different. I have tried to make some but have failed badly.  I still use them when I need to have something on the table but I am ashamed of the model as much as I am when I use a F117 Stealth fighter model as a Void Raven bomber.  Brighter days are ahead my friends.  If GW drags their feet too much longer my friends over at Puppets War has an exciting new addition coming to their selection. 
This guy looks good to me as a replacement.  they got the snake tail the bug like head and the sharp claws... everything I want in a wraith.  I think I will be picking up 3 of these when they finally go into production. 

If you want to fill out your scarab farm without buying a box of warriors then maybe these will work for you:

This is what I use.  I got 5 of each type for under $10 including shipping.  Seeing that I put 3 per base for my swarms (they only have 3 wounds) that is 3 bases +1 extra.  buy 3 sets giving you 30 bugs that makes 10 bases for the same price as the 4 bases you get from buying a box of wariors.  Yes wout will have to supply bases but that is not too hard. I had some extra lying around.  also if you wanted some custom bases Puppts has these:

They actually threw in a couple with my order for free....

The only real downside I find to these guys is that the first time they sent me the scarabs they just put them in a bubble envelope.  This got damaged and opened in transit.  They sent me a new package without question and without any extra charge. They are out of Poland and can take a couple of weeks to get you your order but I have been very happy  after I have gotten my product.  I definatly be ordering from them in the future.  I see some rough riders coming my way soon ^_^

See you next time.