Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday WIP update

Hello again and welcome to another Monday morning update.  I did not get a lot of painting done this week.  This weekend I built one of the new nid models I think the tervigon is a nice looking model and will make a good addition to my army.  I now have 1 converted one and 1 official model.  The only problem I see with fielding 2 of these bad boys is that I am going to need a bunch more gaunts lol.

I also got in an order from Forgeworld. One of my first posts was about whether or not I wanted a stompa or a mega dread.  I finally decided on the Mega dread.  I picked him up Saturday afternoon and by sunday evening he was assembled.  The one thing that I forgot to get was a base for him.  I will put my order in for a custom base today From Micro Art Studio. Seeing that it's footprint is rather large I have decided to put it on the flying stand oval base.  The same base as the Tervigon.

Besides that I did get 5 more boys painted this makes 12 down and 18 to go for my third 30 boys squad. After finishing these I will either work on my bikes or my shoota boys.... painting orks is never-ending.... just like painting nids.

for size comparison here is a shot of the mega standing next to my regular dread.

If you want to see more pics of my WIP you can head over to MY WIP where I keep all of my WIP pics.

I know I said Friday that I was going to the tourney Saturday but I accidentally slept in and got up to late.  I went in and saw that there were 6 players anyway I would have made it an odd match-up with someone getting a bye.  I always hate those tournies. If I am going to spend 6+ hours playing 40K I do not want 2 of those hours wasted by sitting out a round.  Plus that bye really hurts the standing.  There was a strange turnout though.  3 tau, 1 Vanilla SM, 1 guard and 1 necron. You don't often see Tau at tournies these days and a 50% turnout is crazy... Rail heaven :)   

Well that does it for me today.  Happy Monday!