Friday, March 9, 2012

Necron Vs Blood Angels 1850

Last night I took my Necron force up against a DoA Blood Angels list.  His list consisted of 2 Sang Guard groups with a librarian and priest in one and Dante and a priest in another, 2 Assault squads with 2 melta guns, and 2 5-man dev squad with rockets and a priest to help them.  We rolled kill points and spearhead.
And he won the first turn.

He reserved all but his dev squads and I castled up in my corner preparing for his air drop. 

Turn One

Turn one was uneventful. He tried to shoot with his dev squads but could not see anything because of night fighting and I hunkered down and called the lightning but nothing came.

Turn Two

He got his two sang squads in and one of his assaults squads in.  I failed the number one rule of war, know your enemy, and gave Dante room to drop behind my lines.  The other Sang squad and assault squad landed in front of my castle. He blew up one of my ghost arks, to one array off another and then blew up one monolith.

I moved my remaining monolith up to try to use his gate of exile while shuffling my remaining ghost ark to the side.  My scarabs moved into position to assault dante.  The monolith did not get close enough to pull anyone into the warp but the particle whip took out 10 assault marines. And the Gauss guns took out 1 of the librarians sang guard.  The crypteks in the wrecked ark concentrated on the Liby’s squad and took out 2 and the anni barge took out another one.  The guys inside the good ark shot at Dante’s group and with the help of the Stormlord’s Staff of Destruction, brought him down to a priest, a fist, and Dante. The ark took out the priest that surivied the monoliths particle whip.   My scarabs assaulted Dantes group failed to do any wounds but only lost one base after the smoked cleared.

Blood angels – 2
Necron -2

Turn Three

Night fighting continues. His second squad came in next to my remaining monolith (it had to die) He then moved up the liby’s squad to take out the monolith if his assault squad couldn’t do it. The Squad destroyed my monolith (not really surprised). This freed up his san guard to shoot at the warriors.  He killed 2 and they broke. They were under half strength so could not regroup.  In assault I lost another base of scarabs.
I move my barge so it does not get auto hit on the charge.  The cryptek wipe out the liby’s squad I assault Dante’s priest.  This was another mistake I should have assaulted the fist to instant death who he put the wound on since the mind shackle scarabs did their job but the overlord wiffed.  He killed the last of my scarabs and I lost combat by 5.  My overlord broke and went off the board.

Blood angels -5
Necrons – 5

Turn 4

Night fighting goes on.  No movement from his squads. He kills my destroyers (wasted points as always) and then moves into assault with the Stormlord and his immortals. He kills 5 I do nothing back and I run away like a scared little puppy. 
My broken warrior squad is finally made its slow walk to the edge of the board.  The guys in the ark fire everything at Dante and friends. Dante  stands alone.  The anni barge moves again and kills off a couple of marines.

Blood angels - 8
Necrons – 7

Turn 5

He is so excited to be able to shoot with his Dev squad that he forgets to move his assault troops he shakes my ark and blows off its remaining array with 2 glances. Dante moves into assault range.

I got out so my crypteks could fire at Dante but they fail to kill him. And my Barge moves to prevent auto hitting on the assault.

Blood angels - 8
Necrons – 7

Turn 6
When I moved my barge last time I wasn’t really thinking.  I moved actually closer to him letting his assault squad to jump behind it to melta it in the butt. His Dev squads fire into my Ark and immobilize it. Then he moved Dante into assault with my last warriors. Dante kills only 1 and they stand. 
The only thing I can do on my turn is fight Dante. He kills 1 more and they again don’t do anything back.  They still stand.  We roll to see if the game continues and it is over.

Blood angels - 9
Necrons – 7

Somehow when we added up the points we both got 8 but after running the game back it is clear that it was a solid victory for the Blood Angels.  I am not surprised… My only real hope that game was that his meltas would miss.  I made some mistakes throughout the game.  The one that hurt the mose was allowing the monolith to be shot first turn.  I didn’t know that Dante does not scatter when coming in.  I setup close to the edge but not close enough. Live and learn.  Another mistake was not moving my ghost ark to support the wounded warrior squad.  They had 2 turns of running before they ran off the board. If I had brought back just 2 of them they could have rallied.

All in all I liked my list.  I think if I had 2 more destroy crypteks for the immortal squad instead of the destroyers it would have been better. The destroyers just never do enough for me to bring them.  The Barge really didn’t do much either.  I thought about switching it out for a ride for my overlord and when I revamp this list I will give that a try.  I had fun playing.  It was a close game but I just didn’t have the staying power needed to finish the job. I will continue to stand for my monoliths.  They draw a ton of fire and usually make their points back… unless they get fragged turn one.  That could be said about any choice though. 
On a side note, last night 8 out 12 armies were Xenos with one of the space marine armies was a CSM army.  I was so proud. 

This weekend I plan on getting some more boys painted and maybe try to finish up my immortals.  With the 2 cryptek doing well enough I think I will make at least 3 to 4 more.  Their performance tonight has me wondering if 2 crypteks in a barge with warriors is better than 1 cryptek, a tricksie lord and immortals that I usually run.  More testing needs to be done. I need to figure out a good way of converting them.  I have one converted one but I am not sure I like it maybe I will try out using the Dispersion shield like Matt suggested to give the cloak look.  Heck I might even try some green stuff.

Have a good weekend.