Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ork Bikes List

Tonight we are starting a new league at Fantasy Books and Games where the types of games we play change but, our codex will not.  I have chosen Orks since, I have not used them in a league for a while.  The first night of the league is a standard 1850 match.  I have never used my bikes before so I figured that, tonight I would try them out.  here is my list:

Big Mek -KKF
Warboss - power klaw warbike cybork body

Boyz  - shootas * 19 nob power klaw
Nob Bikerz -
        Painboy -warbike
        nob -warbike, big choppa
        nob -warbike, bosspole, power klaw
        nob -warbike, ammo runt, power klaw
        nob -warbike, power klaw
'ard boyz *29 nob power klaw

Heavy Support
Battle wagon - deff rolla, red paint job
Killer Kans - rockit launcha *3
Killer Kans - mega Blasta *3

Fast Attack
Da Vulcha Boyz-*15, boss Zagstruk
deffkopta - TL rokkits
deffkopta - TL rokkits

So it is a bit hodge podge tonight I am giving the bikers (I only have 6 at the momment) a try and also bringging back my killer cans.  I don't have the number of models I usually  do with my orks which concerns me but, I think this list could be fun.  I have some fast assault guys with the bikes.  Some shooting with the kans and shoota boys and some fun deepstriking (if you think deep striking is fun) with zagstruk and the boys.

The one change I might make before I play tonight is to drop one kopta to add some shooting to the battle wagon. My thought being that instead of just going crazy moving 13 inches a turn, it would hang back covering both the cans and the big mob of boys with the KFF.  this will also give me some more points to make my vulcha boyz mob bigger.  We shall see.

Stay Tuned for tomorrow with a battle report hopefully with pictures.