Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday update

Bleh, where did the weekend go?

Well this weekend I did some work on my 3rd squad of Ork Boys.  I have 18 of them painted and based.  this leaves 11 more and their Nob to paint.  From there I will start working on my Bikes.   I have 6 built and 4 of them primed.  I think I have a warboss, a painboy, 3 claw guys and 1 with regular nob. If I want to do some shinanigans with wound allocation I might have to add some different guns before I paint them up... we shall see.

Also this weekend I finished my 3rd squad of Immortals.  I used the deathmark head on these since I don't see myself ever using these in their current form.  I do love the look of the head though.

This week starts the league at my FLGS, Fantasy Books INC. It is going to have a mish mash of a bunch of types of games.  Planetstrike being one of them.  Matt, the guy who runs the league asked for volunteers to play the planetstrike missions and since I have a good size collection of Ork I said I would.  This being said, I really do not have the Terrain to support my guys in planetstrike. I have started work on my ork fort.  Pictures should be up tomorrow.

That's all for now.  Happy Monday