Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Planet Strike Defense

So, this week we start our planet strike games. Since I have a rather large group of Orks I have been deemed worthy of taking the honors of defending.  Today I thought I would looks at how I want to setup for the carnage.  

 I figured I would setup with 3 fortifications in the middle of the board.  The reasoning behind this is my boyz mob will have a better chance to react and charge if I am closer to the edge of the board, especially if they are mounted up inside my battlewagons. Let’s look at my proposed setup.

Having an assaulty army I don’t think I will be inside my bunkers but I do plan on having autoncannons on each bunker and a big cannon on my middle fort for intercept purposes.  The battle wagons will be ready roll while the cans will help support the sides.  I am tempted to drop one Kan group to add a squad of cannon/shock grots.  This will be the one thing I start in the fort.
Right now I only have 90 boyz and 20 shootas  if I wanted I could break one squad into 2 groups and add in some big shootas to round out the battlewagon squads (maybe scrounge up a few more boys) to give me 3 units of 20 boyz (one of them shootas) and two 30 man squad of boyz to run out and smash face.  Might be fun to see someone face 120 boyz  just doing some spitballing I figure this is about 1750 in points give or take some points.  This leaves me enough points for some suicide deff koptas or maybe flesh out the kans to 3 full squads.  I will decide when I make my list for Thursday.  If anything It should be fun! 

Questions and comments always welcome.