Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ghost Ark Take 1

It is Thursday, so that means it is time for a new list. Last week, a buddy of mine asked if we could play a game this week.  Seeing it is the last week before the leagues starts back up I agreed.  We then rolled a die to choose our Armies.  I got Necrons and he got Blood Angels.  In the spirit of friendly game play we said we would not tailor our list but use a list we previously built.  This was fine since my list are generally all comers lists. Here is what I got.

Stormlord - I don't leave home without him
Overlord - ms scarabs, warscythe,2+/3++
court 1
harb of destro -with warriors 1
harb of destro -with warriors 2
court 2
harb of destro -with warriors 1
harb of destro -with warriors 2


Warriors 1 - 8 guys with ghost ark

Warriors 2 - 8 guys with ghost ark
Immortals -10 (storm lord and overlord go here)

Anni Barge

Scarabs *4
Destroyers *3

total - 1848

So the main rason I built this list was to try out the Ghost Arks.  I got 2 for my birthday and I wanted to see how they performed over my usual 3 immortal squads.  I figure with 5 AV 13 or greater vehicles I might survive a few rounds.  Unfortunately the guy I am playing uses decent of angels and packs melta in his squads.

I love the stormlord for no other reason than the frustration he brings to the table.  He usually can hit 1-2 units a game and it usually stops those longfangs and Dev squads from shooting most of the time.  People still don't use search lights in my meta...

If I remember correctly my opponent does not usually use Terminators or a landraider.  This is also good news since I usually have trouble with these targets.  What I am not looking forward to is all feel no pain heading my way.  Hopefully my Monoliths will live long enough to lay down some pie plates of S8 AP3 to thin out the troops heading my way.   I have a feeling I will want to go second.  This way he will have night fighting on his turn and if an oppertunity to alpha strike comes up I will turn it off to concentrate my firepower. We shall see.  

Questions or comments?