Monday, August 1, 2016

WIP: Necron Monday

This weekend while I wasn't out catching pokemon, looking at the corpse flower, or watching Star Trek Beyond, I worked on my Necrons.

First up I finished my passengers for the ghost ark.  They might need a little highlighting but they are good after that. Next up I need to get their ride painted up. 

 I also did some work on Illuminor Szeras.  I want to try to lay a wash down to dull the silver then bring it back with the same stormhost silver.  I still need to figuter out how to highlight the metalic blue.

 Lastly, I worked on the lychguard. I think if the wash works on Illuminor then I can do the same for these guys.  I also have to polish up their swords.

I was shocked how well they turned out.  I am really digging the metallic blue.  If I based them now they would be table ready.  I just want to try to add the extra touches to make them shine.

Busy week this week.  I have my summer semester finishing up so I might not have any posts untill the weekend.

Have a great week.

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs?