Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Game Day!

This weekend we had our monthly Meet Up game day.  I only got to play one game due to some scheduling issues on my part.  A big shout out to Kabbala for hosting and remembering to take pictures.  One of these days I will remember :)

This week we started a new campaign.  Nothing as grandiose as Mini Wargaming's narrative but more than just a bunch of random games.  There is a system map and we fight over territories.  It is a good system and pretty fun.
My newly painted ghost ark takes the field for the first time.

Since my Necrons have taken a back seat for the last couple of years I thought I would let them be the star of this campaign. This week I played against a elite Blood Angels army. from what I remember it was:

5 Sanguinary guard
5 man tacical squad
5 man tactical squad
drop pod
storm raven
5 death company
5 terminators with hammer and shield

My wraiths held up most of his force for 3 turns

The first couple of turns did not go well for my opponent and we stopped collecting objectives since I was up 11 - 1 after turn 2.  It then became a game to see if he could table me.   The Necrons were just too resilient and I held on for the win.
These guys did their job admirably They deserve some paint.

I used the Start Collecting formation, Retribution Phalanx.  I like how it turned out.  I might change up the units a bit and bring a larger group of scarabs.  Three just doesn't seam to cut it.  I also didn't use my Warriors aggressively enough.  With them coming back after they are wiped out I think I need them up front as soon as possible.
Terminators getting ready to smash some necron face.

My scatter dice betrayed me all game with huge drifts. He had so many 2+ saves a few direct hits would have made the difference.  It did one shot the landraider so it at least make it points back.
Zap zap!!

While I love the Illuminor's model I think a regular cryptek with a phase shifter would be more economical.  Although the lance shot is a nice bonus.  I miss the old royal court days.   For the next game day I am going to take out a few immortals and add in some new tomb blades and keep the rest the same and see how it goes.
Are 4 shots enough to take out a storm raven? Nope!

Have a great week.

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs?