Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Down to the wire

With just 2 days left, I am running out of time to finish up my army. I kept working on the ghost ark but I also updated a couple of other models to fit in with my new look. 
First up I worked on my overlord.  He got a new coat of the metallic blue as well as a highlight with the stormhost silver.  I also added some metallic medium to the aqua to tie it all together,  I am still unhappy with the cloak.

I am thinking about changing the light blue to the copper from the deathmarks. this will accomplish two things.    First, it will tie the deathmarks to the army and second, my overload is equipped with a  veil of darkness. I think a dark color on the cloak will help convey this. If I have a spare moment I might try it out.

Next on my plate was a tomb spyder.  When I first got him back in the early 2000's, I painted this guy completely silver.  To match my new spyder I decided he needed to be mostly black.  I think it looks much better. I might need to add some line highlighting since he looks a little bland but only if I have the time.

Of course we have my ghost ark.  I have most of the green done.  I have alos done a lot of the silver.  After that is done I will have the black touch ups and the passengers to finish.  I need to add the basing tonight so I can put the top sealing layer down tomorrow to be ready for tomorrow.

The passengers are all primed and ready to be painted.  It should be pretty quick to do.  I also need to paint up the warriors to match the passengers.  At one time I was painting each squad differently to make it easy to distinguish between them. While it does help somewhat during play it breaks the cohesion of the army.

I am getting excited but also nervous.  still a lot to do before Thursday.

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs?