Thursday, September 1, 2016

Showcase: Ghost ark

As the Nova Open opens I put the finishing touches on my ghost ark.

If I ever what to get another one of these or if I want to get a Doomday ark, I will paint each rib individually before assembling the ark.  It was a real pain to paint the green bands on each rib while assembled.

I know I need to go back and highlight the model but it is painted well enough to be on the table.  I will highlight my wraiths before highlighting this model.

I lost the arms for the driver. I ended up using the hand from a destroyer and a warscythe to give him the "get me closer" look. I don't think it looks bad but if I had a another arm with a hand I would have used it but alas I didn't.

So there we have it.  With that I finished the army and now I have a fully painted Necron army for the Nova Open.  I even updated the warriors and immortal to have the same metallic blue so no one looks out of place.

Have a good day.  If you are at the Nova Open maybe I will see ya there.

Comments? Questions? We'll be backs?