Friday, September 30, 2016

Showcase: Triarch Praetorian

Operation:Clear Off the Desk is still in full swing.  I wanted finish off my praetorians that I picked up from the Nova Open.  Now that they are finished all that is left is my peltasts. But before I move on to them lets look at my finished Praetorians.

I like this guy.  I find that his pose is cool. he was the first one done. he has been highlighted so when I have the time I can go back and finish detailing the other models.

If I built this guy I would have chose a different pose.  I think it just looks akward.

This one screams, "Come at me bro!" He looks like he is ready for anything coming his way.

I took these pictures with my wife's phone and I think I will keep using it.  They look a lot better than my older Samsung.

My next post will be my first #Dreadtober post.  I should have the dragoon at least partially assembled.  Until then have a good weekend.

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs?