Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rumors: Genestealer Cult

The rumors keep rolling in on the Genestealer cult release next week.  Today over on Faeit 212 they have the content of the two kits that are coming out.lets take a look.

Genestealer Cult Acolyte Hybrids:
-5 Acolyte Hybrids with Autopistols, Close Combat Weapons, Blasting charges and Rending Claws
-Can also be built as Hybrid Metamorphs with autopistols, metamorph Talons, Blasting Charges and Reding Claws
-Options for a Acolythe or Metamorph Leader with 2 Special Heads that can be armed with a Bonesword
-optional Handflamers, 1 heavy rock saw, 1 heavy rock drill, 1 heavy rock cutter.

genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrids:
-10 Neophytes with autoguns, autopistols and blasting charges.
-optional seismis cannon, heavy stubber or mining laser aswell as 10 shotguns
-options for a neophyte leader with various wargear.

These prices are close to skitarii prices with the rangers being $38 for ten models and the rust stalkers being $38 for five models.  It is a bit expensive also considering if you can foing the overkill box for $165 for 16 Neophytes and 12 acolytes along with other cult figures and some space marines.

The one thing you get with the new boxes are some new options.  I don't know what metamorph talons, heavy rock saws, drills or cutter are but I am betting they will be advantageous to have. I just don't know if I should try to strike early and try to get the overkill box and sell off the marines or do I just sit and get each box and hope there is a start collecting box for them. I know that if I get the boxed game I will have a decent start to an army where I can either buy a box to make all of the special weapon guys or just buy individual models for those special weapons.

I have already used my hobby money through oct since I picked up the ironstrider for Dreadtober.  So picking up the game will eat into the hobby money for next year unless I can sell some stuff to offset the cost.  The bottom line is the Genestealers are coming and my hive fleet are going to welcome them with open arms.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?