Monday, September 26, 2016

Dreadtober: Declaration and Planning

It is getting close now.  I have purchased my kit and am trying to clear off the workbench to make room for my project.  That project is a Sydonian Dragoon / Ironstrider Balistarius.

I have already done one of these but everything is better in pairs.  I plan on making it able to use either option as I did with my first one.  So the first step was to make another body so I can swap them out.

Once I have this, I will need to build the model.  I plan on doing the other stance with the legs so I don't have to repose it.  If I get a third one, I might need to try to figure that out. Along with the model I will create the rocks for the base to match my other vehicles.

After building is painting.  Nothing exciting here just going to match my other walker.

This is not as ambitious as last years project. It is something my armies need and something I can afford so a win win.

Keep an eye here and over on Broken Brush for all the Dreadtober fun.

Questions? Comments? Choom choom chooms?