Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What's Next??

So the Nova Open is finished.  I am working through the photos and I will have a few posts about the experience.  Before that though I have started to think about what I want to work on to finish out the year.

Looking at the list of things I set out for myself I see several ork and tau models on that list.  While most of those things need to be done, I am not playing either of those armies right now so I am not that hard pressed to work on them.

I do have some spores to finish but I am not ready to do the shrikes I want to do.  I need to find the wings I want.  If I delay long enough maybe GW will finally add a kit.  As for the new bug I don't think the rumors are going to come true.

So, if I am writing off most of the things left on my to do list what am I going to work on? I have a squad of Skitarii Peltast for me to add to my Ad Mech list.  I am looking forard to getting these guys and trying them out on the battlefield.

I also want to give the Necron Destroyer Cult a try. I have all the models needed but they are not even remotely finished.  I have a few in the all silver look but that does not really fit in with my current look.  So to use them I have 15 destroyers to paint and 1 destroyer lord.

I also have some Triarch Praetorians to paint up.  I painted one up this weekend.  He turned out pretty well so I want to paint up the rest of his buddies.  Look for a post later this week.

From the looks of it I have a couple of kickstarters getting ready to drop as well.  One will be bringing me terrain and one a fun board game.  Both will have models to paint so I will have to paint those up.

In October it is Dreadtober and I committed to paint up a ironsrtider,  It will be like my other on so I will have some casting to do.  It should be fun.

So,  I have a few projects to keep me busy over the next few months.  I also have my schooling to keep me busy as well.  Pretty soon though I can check that off of the list as well.

Have a good week!