Friday, September 9, 2016

Nova Army

In my final post about the Nova Open, I will talk about the army I played.  It was not unbeatable, proven by my 1-2 record, but it was cheesy. Lets take a look...

First off I had a Decurion Detachment. The 4+ reanimation for my whole army felt dirty.  This alone is why I will not use the Decurion in a friendly game.  I feel the 5+ is okay and the fact that you have to pay a cryptek tax for the 4+ for one unit feels right.

I was also running two canoptek harvest formations which gives my wraiths the same 4+ reanimation roll as the rest of the army.  This makes them even more resilient.  If I didn't make some mistakes  moving them out of the range of my spyders I would have fared much better.

I like the big  squads of immortals.  Their shots  helped me out of some tight situations.  But for pure survivability a min squad of warriors in a ghost are is a better choice.  

The jetbikes did okay. As I have heard, 5 tomb blades are not enough to make them threat.  They are okay nuisance units or objective holders but they just don't have the number of shots to be reliable.

The nightscythe was also not helpful.  I would rather had an annihilation barge  but, in the Decurion, the only way to get one is in the formation with the doomsday ark.  I don't have a doomsday ark and don't think I ever will so no barge for me when I play the Decurion.

Overall, I don't think I did this list justice.  I feel that I could have done better.  In the end, I just need more practice with the Necrons to know how to play them.  I used the big squad of Lychguard and a overlord but they rarely do anything.  I think they have never make their points back once.  I am always to afraid to advance them or they get charged by terminators.  Sure the 3+ will help them survive but they don't do anything back which leads to a huge slapfest.

I am going to switch up my army for next time.  We will see how the destroyers and Praetorians do next time I play them.

I hope you liked my Nova Open Coverage. I will try to do more for Shorehammer.  Have a good week.

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs?