Friday, September 23, 2016

Rumors: Genestealer Cult

 Finally we get some pictures of the new boxes and codex. Taken from War of Sigmar who got them from GW facebook.

First off is the codex.  A cool picture of a magus and patriarch. Nothing really new there.  I am excited to get this book.

Next, we see the Acolytes. We see the bonesword, lashwhip and the saw.  I am guessing that other one is armed with blasting charges.  It will be a nice kit with some good options.  I will grab a couple of boxes even if I get the Overkill set.

 Lastly, we see the Neophytes.  I am not as impressed with the idfferences between them and the overkill counterparts.  They do have some new options.  If I want some shotguns, I will have to get this box, but I am not sure if I will want that option. They do have the Seismis cannon that might be the big gun on the right and the icon. I guess I will need to see the rules before completely writing these off.  Of course if I don't get the Overkill box I will be getting these.

So these kits are really cool but not too much different than the Overkill box.  Hopefully there will be some rule leaks soon and we can find out how much of the IG stuff they get to use.  Heck, I might have a good sized chunk of the army with my IG army.

Looking forward to seeing the new rules and formations.  can't wait!

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?