Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Showcase: Triarch Praetorian and Destroyer

Last post I talked about the Triarch Praetorian I was working on.  I have wanted to try to try a squad of these guys ever since the Lychguards swords became AP 3.  The are a way to bring AP 2 to the table both through shooting and melee.

They are also jetpack infantry so they are fast and can get into combat as fast as the wraiths.  They are as fragile as a Blood Angel Assault unit with a priest and are pretty pricey but might be worth it.

I think the model is cool.  I like the green ribs. This models staff was broken and I had to do some minor repairs which I think turned out okay.

I tried a little highlighting on the blue I am looking for some feed back on how it looks.

Since I want to try out some destroyers, I thought I would do a test model on one.

These models are a bit dated.  The back carapace is a bit bland.  I would love to have some circuits on it like the spyder and wraith.  Maybe I can find a stencil to adds some more detail.

I added some edge highlighting but it is a bit messy on the carapace.  I am not sure if I like it with this highlight or just the straight black.  I might try to tidy it up but I feel like it will be a exercise in futility.

If I call him done I will have 8 more destroyers to paint up along with the lord.  Whew that os a lot of models.

So I have a couple test models done and I am happy with how they turned out.  I should have them done by the next time I play. Slowly my mountain of unpainted models goes down.

Next post will be the Nova Open!

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs??