Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nova Open

After last year's reaction to the Nova Open I wasn't sure I wanted to go this year.  After I signed up for Shorehammer, I thought for sure I wasn't going to go.  But thing happen and I found I was going to be on my own that week. So, I thought "what the heck!" and now I am heading to the Nova Open.

Last year I made the mistake of playing Infinity after trying to learn it for a few months.  I spent most of my time trying hard not to be overwhelmed by the complexities of that game.  I failed miserably.

This year I the plan is to see what other games are out there.  I am hoping Hawk Wargames is there to demo Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander like last year. There were a few other games being demoed as well. Hopefully this won't change and I can try them out as well.

I am also looking to maybe get into some of the 40K games.  The tournament is way to pricey and hard core for me but maybe I could try the Narrative  Night fighters or even one of the Apocalypse games. Both sound fun, I just have to figure out which one I would like to play in.

In the narrative I could try out any of my armies.  Maybe my orks can come out and play or I can bring my new hotness with my ad mech.  With the Apocalypse game I will have to look to my larger armies.  I can bring out my tyranids with my heirodule or my imperial guard with the shadowsword and knight.  Or just maybe my Stompa can come out and play and cause havoc on the field.

In the end, now that I know what to expect, I think I will enjoy myself at the Nova Open.  I just need help figuring out what I want to do.

Questions? Comments?  Suggestions?