Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WIP Canoptek Wraiths

With my tomb blades complete, I started to work on my wraiths.  They don't have a lot of delicate or hard to reach parts like the tomb blades.  They do have a lot more of the ingrained scroll work. This scroll work will give me the most grief and slow down my progress.
After the base coat, I started painting all the silver parts with leadbelcher.  I was not to concerned with how sloppy it was since the green is next and I would have to go back and touch up the black areas anyway.  

With the silver done I started the hardest part: the scroll work. I first painted the scroll work with moot green making sure to get it into all the cracks.  Then carefully painted the black areas.  I had to be very careful and hold my breath while painting these areas.

As you can see I got one side done.  Only seven more to go.  After that is done I have the rest of the green, some touch up work, some edge highlights, and finishing the bases and I can call these done.

Hopefully I will have these done before the weekend which leaves me the ghost ark to finish before next Thursday. Whew! I just might make it!

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs?