Friday, November 30, 2018

Grenndal's Year in Review

With 2018 winding down, I start to look and reflect on what I have done and what I planned to do through this year.  While there is still time to finish up (or start) some last minute projects.  As it stands now I have done 82 infantry sized models, 4 monsters, 4 vehicles, 2 super heavies, and 5 pieces of terrain.  Not that bad of a tally.  Let’s dive in and see how it all breaks down and how true I stood to my pledge


I planned on finishing out my “Tale of X Games” pledges which I almost completed.  I have the Fire Raptor to finish before that task is fully completed.  I also tagged on a few HQ choices and some hell blasters. I still have several units to work on but if I can finish the raptor this year I will consider this year a success.


With the second edition of Underworlds out we now know it is not called Shadespire.  The game did not catch on and so I wasn’t very motivated to finish these guys.  I did paint one up and start on the others but they are on the bottom of my list right now.


While I wanted to make some new terrain, I never found the right time to do it.  I did though get some pieces with the Speed Freeks boxset.  I was able to complete all the pieces.  There is the one ork bunker from Tabletop Scenics left for me to finish but I am happy with my terrain progress this year. 

Genestealer Cult

The fact that they are the last to get a codex has really pulled down my interest in painting these guys. I have fielded them a few time and they just disappear when given a stern look. I did paint up the Abominant as well as built the five aberrants from Tooth and Claw.  I also have a few other pieces waiting for paint such as a primus and acolyte with banner.


My big plans for the Tyranids was to build out to a full forty Genestealers.  Mission accomplished! I also added three hiveguard as well as the stone crusher carnifex.  While I didn’t get to the other carnifex I own I did paint up my birthday present so I am happy about that.

Imperial Guard

I completely failed my guard.  I did not paint anything from them this year.  I will have to be more diligent next year.


Tau are another one of my failings.  I did start up the stingwing project but I have missed out on painting the ghostkeel or any more troops.  I am going to need some motivation to see these guys through.  Hopefully I will get back on track and have them see the painting workstation and battlefield soon.

Rail Raiders

While Rail Raiders was going to be my second game I actually picked up Age of Sigmar instead. I started a Daughters of Khaine army and built a 1500 point list. I still have several witch elves to build and a squad of blood sisters to paint before I expand the army any further.  It is sad that I went a full year without playing Rail Raiders.  I just need to buckle down and try to play it.  It looks fun and easy I still have time….

Sisters of battle

 Games Workshop has ended my little army project with the sisters.  With the upcoming release of new plastic sisters I have sold off the alternate versions I picked up as I prepare to pick up an army of them when they come out next year.  I was sad to see them go but I like to have the official version more.  I picked up Celestine and her bodyguard but have yet to build and paint them. If Celestine is any indication on what the new sisters will look like, I will be very happy.


I started out the year wanting to build the custome armored warboss and finish painting the grot mega tank.  The warboss is complete but the grot tank is still half painted.  Besides these projects, the orks have had a pretty good year. I have added four new buggies, six warbikers,  the tank bustas, a bunch of grots, and a few other odds and ends.  IF you take out the Daughters and primaris, the orks have had the most love of the year. I still plan to finish the morkanaut this year.

Ad Mech

My Ad Mech did not see much from the hobby side but they got used when my buddy came over to play. I have added a new robot and a second one waiting to be painted.  I did add two armigers to the mix as well.  Right now though I have two squads of the forgeworld units waiting to be finished. So much to do so little time.


Lastly we have my necons. I did add in a cryptek to my army this year.  I also got magnetic bases for my destroyers but I have yet to work with them. I also worked on some flayed ones conversions and just need to add the cloak to them. I am a bit scrared to start that process but I think once I do I will be ok.

Well there you have it.  Another year of hobby is almost read for the books.  I will keep going but the holidays are usually busy so I don’t know how much more I will do.  Maybe I will finish the models in my queue like the stingwings or flayed ones.  We will see.

How did you do this year?