Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Lydia Incident - Background & Campaign Missions

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Hopefully everyone saw the first Lydia Incident post earlier this month. This whole campaign is a second continuation of the first group campaign I ever ran. I'll be attaching various files here so that people can see, explore, and use as they see fit. Feel free to use whatever you'd like. They were written with 7th edition in mind, but they should still be fine to use with 8th edition lists and rules.  I've converted them all from Word to Google Docs, so there may be a few issues with formatting.
Last Pict Capture: Defense Station 43X.e9 - estimated 4,000 souls lost.

Here's the background to the first Lydia Incident, leading up to current events.

The Situation Thus Far…
In 087.M42, a splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken was intercepted     and destroyed just outside the Darkfall System in the Eastern Fringe by combined elements of the Crimson Consuls, Vorpal Swords, Ultramarines, and Dark Angels Space Marine Chapters in a running battle culminating in the estimated destruction of over 50 million Tyranid organisms. The battle was hard fought, with the Imperial 72nd fleet losing three escort wings and six heavy cruisers to the Tyranid rearguard. 

Pict Capture: Crimson Consul Ground forces target an unknown enemy.

After the battle, a Vorpal Swords kill team, scouring the interior of a still dying Tyranid void ship, came upon a previously unknown Tyranid organism. Seemingly designed as a counter to the increasing use of Centurion, Terminator, and Tau battle suit armor, the organism, quickly nicknamed the Splicer, tore through the combat patrol, only to be captured, by sheer luck, when hit by a grav-gun shot. Incredibly, the creature refused to die, but was incapacitated. Now captured, the organism was rapidly transported and isolated in a containment cell for transport to an imperial research world. 

And so, in the hold of the battered Crimson Consul Strike Cruiser The Last Cataphract, the Splicer came to the relatively isolated Lydia System, home to a C-class Ordos Biologicus facility. While neither the best equipped or best protected facility in the Imperium, it was the only facility for several sectors, the only other one having been lost to a demonic incursion less than a hundred years prior.

Hailed as his ship approached the main system starbase, Chaplain Ulysses of the Crimson Consul’s IV Company allowed himself to relax for the first time. A brief stint at Lydia II would allow his ship to repair, refit, and then return to the fight. Little did he know of the events to come that would see this quiet system embroiled in War.

 Here's additional background information.  (For Fluff, but also included clues for campaign members)

Defense System Overview
Defense Forces Letter
 System Overview
System Threats Overview

Here's the missions that we used in the campaign. (Google Links Provided)
 The kill team missions were matched to each Main Mission, so that way you could have people playing smaller, quicker games while others played full games. KT missions can also impact main missions as desired. (also, the KT mission points are for 7th ed, not 8th, so adjust as necessary)

Mission 1 - Outer Silence (Small Mission Points, perfect for escalation)
Mission 2 - Fire Sweep (1000 points)
Mission 3 - Sabotage (1000-1500 points)
Apocalypse Mission - Designed for 3k per person, per side, but easily expandable.

Kill Team Mission 1 -  Note - this one involves NPCs (or a third player willing to play the rebels if they pop up. Fun fact during the actual mission the NPCs won two games out of three!)
Kill Team Mission 2 -  Requisition - an objective claiming KT mission
Kill Team Mission 3 -  Not done in the normal mission briefing style, but allows for flexibility.

We also included a mechanic for different armies to win based on different conditions. I've included two examples. Obviously these were designed for 7th edition, but with a few tweaks they could easily be upgraded for 8th edition. You're welcome to use the format. These missions are secret for each army unless parts are achieved, then they must immediately be announced.  These missions were created specifically for participants, but you could modify as necessary.

World Eaters Sample
PDF Sample

Thoughts? Opinions? Planning to use them? Let me know! I figured these would be fun for others to use as well. Planning for the new missions/narrative is under way now.