Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Deffkilla Wartrike

Laft night my buddy had a pet emergency so I didn't get to play. What I did get to do is finish painting the Deffkilla Wartrack.

I had almost finished the basic color block when I posted yesterday, So all I had left was a wash and the detailing. I chickened out on blending the flames on the skulls. while it is a bit bland, I liked how they looked and didn't want to mess up what I had done.

While he is done, I think I might go back and add some more basing material. It seems pretty boring with my usual ork basing. Maybe a primaris bit or some rocks. I am not to thrilled with the shoulder piece either. The detail really didn't look clear so I might sand it down and put a decal on it.

Now that he is finished I am eager to get him to the table. I hope I can arrange another meeting soon.

Questions? Commments? dakka dakka dakkas!!!!