Monday, December 3, 2018

Blood Sisters

After working on the Morkanaut for a few weeks I felt I needed a palette cleanser.  I have a game of Age of Sigmar on the books this Thursday so I thought I would paint up the third squad of Blood Sisters so my whole army would be painted.

With this being the third set of snakes I have done, there is not a lot to talk about painting wise.  I find their models to be the reason I chose to have a Sigmar army.  I have heard mixed responses on how they actually play.

I have heard that witch elves are the way to go in a Daughters army.  I am unsure if I will ever go that route since it is $60 for ten.  I usually see them in squads of twenty or more  and I just can't justify spending that kind of money.  I could use the Mantic models but then could not use them in my local GW store.

I am looking forward to playing any game this week.  It will be nice to roll some dice. Have a good week.

Questions? Comments? Hisssssssssss!