Sunday, December 30, 2018

Blockade's Year In Review

Happy-Almost-New-Years! I figured I would do a yearly round up. So many miniatures completed this year! Here's a brief round up of some of my favorite miniatures I've painted.

After counting every model built (even the tanks as just one!) I've painted roughly 135 miniatures, so roughly one every three days! Here's my round up of favorite things painted.

1.) Black Templars Army - A full 1000 point Black Templar army. This was my surprise mini project.

2.) Renegade Army Expansion - From My "Big Bertha" Malcador Annihilator to about forty new renegades for the Wisdom Hunters, my Renegades army has now reached Apocalypse level points values. 

3.Terrain! So much terrain completed this year, and I look forward to finishing a chunk more in the future!

So lots done! This hasn't included cool features like my first baby Knight, Bullgryns & Taurox, a chunk of bits and bobs models here and there such as the Rogue Trader minis in the pic above. Here's hoping that the next year proves just as fruitful.