Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Grenndal's Resolutions for 2019

Happy New Year!  It is another new year and it is time for my anual New Year's Resolutions post.  It is now a tradition that I throw out a list of items to work on in hopes to motivate me into getting more items painted.

This year I have a Kanban board over on Trello.com that I will only put items from this list on.  That way I can see how close I am to completing my pledges and get some satisfaction for a job well done.  With that out of the way lets look at the list. 



I will start off with my babies and favorite faction, the Tyranids. This next year, I want to magnetize two of my carnifex, build old one eye and build the old metal tyrant I picked up at the bazaar.  This will be a good start for the year.  getting four monsters that have been waiting for their time to shine.  I could add in my shrikes to the list as well as a stretch goal but since they are just an index unit and I am not happy with the wings I used, they are just a low priority.

Genestealer cult

I can't talk about tyranids without thinking about their cousins, the Genestealer Cult.  I still have the five aberrants as well as ten neophytes.  With all the sneak peeks given last year, there is a good chance that I will also be getting a few bikes, quads, the tactician, and the gunslinger models.  Since this is a small army it should be easy to get all the models painted for it.


If Tyranids are my favorite, the Orks have to be second. I would love to have all my mek gunz finished as well as my extra truck, grot mega tank, bomb squigs, and burnaboys.  I am currently working on another shockjump dragstas and want to get another one to max out the squad. Before I go too crazy with any more new models, I want to get a few more games in to see how well they perform.

I am also going to adepticon with my Orks this year.  Apparently, acourding to their rules all models must be on the current size base.  This mean almost all of my ork are on the wrong size base.  durring the first part of this year, before Mar 27th, I will be switching the bases on all of my ork boys.


Belasarius Cawl has a few new units to add to his cohort.  There are the Hoplites and the Peltasts from forge world to work on.  After that I have a Dunestrider to fix and paint.   All that is left for them is a robot, a tech priest and a datasmith that need to be painted.  Not too bad.


This year I want to fix my destroyers for my necrons.  I have all the materials I need, so fixing them should not take long.  I just have to do it.  I also want to paint up the command barge.  Lastly I would like to finish painting my kill team.  This means that I need to complete the conversion of the flayed ones.  For a stretch goal I will add on the rest of the flayed ones I plan to make.


This year my goal for the tau is to play a game with them.  I love these models but for some reason I just don't play them.  Maybe it is because they have the most grey models.  I will continue to try to get the Ghostkeel painted as well as my stingwings.  Finally for a stretch goal I will add in ten fire warriors.  Lets see what happens.

Imperial Guard


For my Imperial guard army I will add in my two vendettas.  I need to figure out the lascannon situation for them then I will be able to move on to painting.  With the new formation maybe running them as valkyries might be reasonable.  For a stretch goal I will add in five scions.  I think these are the only other models for the IG I have to finish right now and scions are the bees knees or so I have heard.  I could use a wyvern or two as well as some ogryn but they are so low of a priority that I won't even add them to the board.


I can't believe it is going to take a year to finish my Fire Raptor.  It is my top priority for my Primaris marines.  After that I would like to have two more squads painted  as well as the conversion of some plasma Inceptors. If I can find a cheap Redemptor Dreadnaught I can do the conversion I have always wanted to do.  Maybe it will be this years Dreadtober project.

Daughters of Khaine

Right now the daughters are in a good spot. I have three witches to finish painting. I am going to add another five witches my list to build an paint. For a stretch goal I will add ten more.  I would also like to add in another 15 blood sisters so I can have 3 set of ten. After that, I am not sure what I would like to do with the army.  I need to get a couple of games in before I buy anything else.


I have been looking from afar at a second Age of Sigmar army.  After looking at all my options, I have decided on the Nighthaunt. The models are cool and I like how the just keep coming back.  I am also looking forward painting with the new spectral paints. I will start with the Reikenor for a hero, twenty chainrasps for my battle line and a mourngul because it is cool.  I also have a box of Glaivewraith Stalkers that I won at  the Age of Sigmar release to paint up as well.  Look for these during the first quarter.

Sisters of Battle

Since GW announced that they are releasing new Sisters of Battle, I have the placed the project on hold until the  new models drop.  In the mean time, I have Celestine to work on as well as her body guards.  I hope to have them built and painted before the others come out.  I figure I will be working on some of these new models this year.  Twenty sisters, a couple of Repressors and a couple of Exorcists is a good starting place.

Rail Raiders

I would like to play rail raiders early in the year.  If I like it I can add it to my goals.  If it is not something for me, I should try to sell it. who know this might be a great game. People might want it for the chibi characters alone.


Lastly I have my ork bunker to finish.  It would be nice to make some other terrain. Maybe I can do some 3D printing or casting but for now I will stick with just finishing the ork bunker.

That is all I plan to work on this year.  I do have a few things already started and quite a few items in the future purchases and stretch goal catagories.  I am hoping to do more this year.  It seems like I can do about 100 infantry model and a few of the other categories a year.  I have pledged about 90 models not counting stretch or future purchases.  There are several vehicles and monsters in there as well.  Looks like it is going to be a good year!

What do you guys think?  Are you making any resolutions? Do you think I missed anything?