Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Genestealer Cult Primus

With the preview of the Biophagus, the release date for Genestealer Cult (GSC) should be coming really soon. With that in mind, I decided that my next few projects will be to finish painting the few GSC models I have left. I decided to star with the Primus.

I picked up this guy way back in June at Magelings Games. Since the index release, the army needs the extra dice the model provides for cult ambush to have a chance to get a favorable roll. It is still hard to have a decent game with the army so I am hoping the new codex will help them out.

I forgot that my Dark Angles green (now Caliban Green) dried up, so I had to get a new pot before finishing this model. Once purchased, I made short work on finishing painting it. To help distinguish between the two identical Primus models I decided to go with a green cloak instead of the brown. I am happy on how he turned out.

This model came on a 32mm base while my previous one was on a 25mm. I looked on GW's site and while they don't say what size base it should be on, it looks like their model is also on a 32mm. Since I am going through a rebasing phase I decided to pop my old Primus off his base and update him as well (not pictured).

Now that he is done I can start working on the Aberrants I got in the Tooth and Claw boxset.  I would like to have them done before the new models come out.

Have a good week.

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