Monday, January 14, 2019

More Ork Boys

This weekend started with me finishing off some Ork Boys with big shootas.  With these last four boys I have all of my boys painted.  There is still a quite a few models to work on for the Orks but the boys are done.

Most of these are black reach boys.  They might have a head swap to give a bit of variation.

One is a custom boy with a Frankenstein gun put together using a few shootas.  This actually might be my first conversion from way back from when I started playing 40k.  It is sad that he is just getting painted now.

There was nothing fancy about the paint job.  I used my standard paint scheme and basing.  These guys were wandering around my workbench and I figured I would finish them before moving on to other projects.

Next up is a old warboss and the shockjump dragsta.  Have a great week.

Questions? Comments? Dakka, dakka dakka!