Monday, January 7, 2019

New Genestealers

This weekend GW had an Open Day where they had new models on display as well as some glimpses into the future.  One of those glimpses was a few sneak peaks of the upcomming genestealer release.

If you have been following along we already know that they are releasing some bike squads, the gunslinger, and the tactician .  What we haven't  scene are a few more characters. We don't know who or what role these guys play in a cult army, but I am sure we will find out soon enough.


Before we look at the new guys,  GW gave us some new information on the gunslinger or as they called him, the kelermorph. They introduced him as a commander for Kill Teams.  Looking at other Kill Team Commanders, I have a feeling he will have rules in the codex but the Kill Team box might be the only way to purchase the model.  He could be just a different primus which means the primus can finally have different load outs. He als could be something totally new. Either way, he looks cool and I will be picking him up.


The first of the new models shown at the Open Day looks to be a new magus model.  As the first obviously female character, I think they did a decent job.  They could have had made some female miners with the neophyte kit and there is talk that the sniper on the motorbike is female, but I was not clamoring for female models nor am I upset that they have made one.  I am happy they are giving us  new sculpts and poses.  If anything, this gives us a second magus to have in our armies so we don't have a bunch of clones.

The DJ

I am not sure what this guy does but he looks like a DJ with his own portable speaker.  Maybe he gives you  re-rollable moral while preaching the word or the cult.  I generally don't take units without offensive capabilities so unless he calls in air strikes or something I will pass.

The Assassin

This guy looks cool.  He reminds me of the skaven assassin or Skintrot from the orks.  Those blades look like regular knives though so no matte how many attacks and how well he hits without AP he will not be to effective.  I would like it if he is like a harlequin solitaire.  I hear he can dish our some damage. On a side note I also love his buddy.

The Brooding Guy

This guy seams like he is either standing guard over a pass or someone ate his cheesy poofs.  The static pose would make him a great statue for a display. He has some blades on his back and some kind of staff so maybe he is a melee beast.  I feel we are getting a bunch of close combat guys when we already had a plethora of them.

The Pain Boy

This model was hiding in the video that they showed along with the sneak peeks. If it is like a pain boy it might give the cult some extra durability. I am just not sure if this would be a good use of points.  The way abilities like feel no pain work this edition makes it so this guy will have to stay close.  and a 6++ save on guys with a 5++ save might not be all that helpful.  It will be interesting what its rules are before completely ruling them out.  

The Terrain

This looks interesting.  I like how factions are getting terrain pieces to help out.  The ork one is neat looking but fell flat with an ability is useless. Maybe this will be like the boats in Age of Sigmar and actually be worthwile to take.  While I am not a huge fan of terrain as an auto include, if it is something that gives us some options,I look forward to trying it out.

That is all the new stuff.  I am hoping this means that the release is coming soon.  I hope that these are not all individual HQ units because that is already a crowded unit type.  Time will tell.

Questions? Comments? For the four armed emperor!