Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Aberrant and Hypermorph

With the Primus finished, I thought I would move on to working on my aberrants. I got these last year in the Tooth and Claw boxset and with the release coming soon I want to make sure they are ready.

The first one is the hypermorph. He is a bit different than the rest. He has a tail and more genestealer like parts. the improvised sign that it is equiped with has some interesting rules.  The six attacks at strength ten is nice even if it is only ap -1.

I followed the paint scheme I did for the Abominant. The first time I painted them I forgot I started to add the bright green carapace to my genestealers and just painted the spines blue. As you can see I fixed it a now they match my current genestealer paint scheme.

With the hypermorph and a power pick finished I have a couple of hammers and another pick left to do. If I am lucky and find some time to paint, I can have them finished after this weekend.

Questions? Comments? For the Four armed Emperor!