Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mourngul finished

This weekend, I continued to work on my Mourngul for Age of Sigmar.  If you don't count basing, he is complete.

This monster is just scary looking.  I decide to go with the ghost look that matches my other Nighthaunt instead of painting it a flesh tone.  I tried to give his mouth some depth using a nightshade wash that fades into nulin oil wash.  I added a bit of blood for the blood god(BFTBG) on his claws give it an extra bit of detail.

The horse was difficult.  Instead of just red for the wounds I went with a pink and then covered with BFTBG.  While I was happy with it, my wife said I should try a purple on the organs to make it look better.  I am glad I took her advice because the overall effect is much better. I would like to add a dead rider as well to the base but I don't currently have a model that would work. I guess it can be added later if I ever find something suitable.

I have to finish the base.  I plan on getting some astrogranite technical paint to give the base some texture.  I might one day find a custom cobble stone base for him and replace the plain one but for now, highlighted astrogranite and some grass tuffs will be good enough.

With him out of the way I can move on to the Glaivewraith stalkers and then I can go back to my aberrants.

Questions? Comments? oooooOOOOOoooooo?