Friday, January 4, 2019

Blockade's Goals for the New Year

Howdy all! After a pretty successful last year, I've got some new goals for next year.

 I've kept it to three simplistic things. Paint, Finish, and No Buying!

First: Finish at least a hundred miniatures this year. I anticipate having to move into more historicals and other things to keep up the numbers.

Second: Finish the Wisdom Hunters - Really this means just focusing on some leftover mercenaries, plague ogryns, heavy weapons teams, female cultists...oh this list is slightly larger than I thought.  Oh, and add all the guys from Blackstone Fortress.

Third: Complete the 4th Arcadian Army - Primarily it means focusing on cleaning up some older painted models with washes and highlights, plus a few bits and bobs of guys. The biggest part will be my newest Acquisition. I couldn't resist the lovely limited time sale on the Vostroyans, so I purchased the platoon set & two snipers. It will be a good impetus to get back on the guard bandwagon.

Finally - THE RULES - Budgetary rules require a year without purchases. Gifts received, gift cards, and money made from selling other miniatures (such as the Black Templar Army that may or may not be going the way of eBay) don't count - but I really can't afford to buy more miniatures (or store them).

Otherwise, I want to make sure I blog at least monthly to show off what I've been finishing, so that you'll hear from me more frequently, and not in spurts!