Tuesday, December 18, 2018

What's On My Table: 12/18/2018

Over the weekend, I had a little time to work on the hobby.  While I didn't finish any one project, I did make progress on a few.

Ork Boys

Right now I have two lone boys that didn't have any paint on them.  I couldn't let them be the only boys without any love so I started to paint them. They will also become my first boys on the 32mm base. I am not looking forward to this project but it has to be done for Adepticon, so I might as well start.

Big Shoota Boys

Along side my two ork boys I am painting up my seven big shoota boys.  I never used these guys in my army so the never got painted.  With my attempt to get all of my orks painted,  I figured these seven guys are a good starting point.

Shockjump Dragsta

While I am still waiting for bits (they will probably be here next year) I thought I would do a little work on the buggy itself.  I started to paint the exposed metal bits.  I plan on painting the gun the bright brass I used on the morkanaut guns but the rest will be the dark brass. I love the model and am looking forward to getting the second one on the table.

Necron Destroyer

Awhile ago, I purchased some magnetic flight stands for my Necron Destroyers who kept breaking off their flight stands. The stand uses a ball bearing and a countersunk magnet to increase the surface the magnet contacts the ball.  I tried this on my catacomb command barge.  While it does hold, the barge seems a bit to much and it keeps tilting on me.  I think a straight magnet would be better.  The destroyers are light though, I think they will be perfect for this.  The only proble I had was they shortest stand was 4 inches.  That is about three inches to tall.  I was able to cut it down and I am happy with how it is turning out.  Now all I need is to connect the magnet and I will be in business.

That is all I am working on this week.  The year'd end is coming up on us quickly.  Pretty soon I will be looking at a new year with fresh eyes.

Questions? Comments? Will be backs????