Friday, December 14, 2018

Gordo the Morkanaut

After a few weeks of work I am declaring Gordo done. I do see a few items that I can touch up but for the most part he is done and I am happy.

I went with a death skulls color. My army doesn't have a single clan that they call home. Before this codex, it really didn't matter since there were no real advantages of being one clan or another. Now, each clan has special rules so it would make sense to paint it all one style. So, even though I plan on only playing one clan at a time and  I would only drift between bad moons and death skulls I don't think I will repaint older models to fit those styles.

I did magnetized Gordo so he can be either a gorkanaut or morkanaut but for now, I have only painted the Morkanauts guns. I will spend an evening to finish these up soon so I can really move on but I am going to try the Morkanaut first so those bits got priority.

I am glad I finally got this model. It was fun to build and I am hoping it is fun to play as well. With the holidays, I doubt I will have much time working on the hobby. I am happy I finished this before the end of the year. Now I can start the year fresh and ready to knock down the unpainted model count I have.

Have a good weekend!

Questions? Commments? Dakka dakka dakkas!