Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What's On My Table: 9/29/18

It is time again for my new post that I want to update weekly "What's On My Table" I have not had a lot of time to work on anything but I did get some work done. if you want to see my work log you should be able to follow along on my Hobby Kanban Board.

First up, I have done some more work on my abominant. He is getting close to completion. Forgot how I based them but looking back I seen I used the celu-clay and then painted it up. Hopefully I can whip up a batch added it to my bases and paint it up tomorrow. Look for a completed abominant blog soon.

Next up is are the weapons for the Armiger. While the body is done and I have painted weapons to go with them I have the second set to finish. I need to just sit down or a bit and finish them up. it should not take that long. I still have the autocannons to magnetize but I have lost my charging cord for my drill. Maybe I will do it by hand...

I also have my Stingwings. I have started to lay down the colors on them. While not as bad as yellow, orange is another difficult paint to layer. While the expression is "two thin coats" I find I need three to four. In the end I think they are worth it so I will press on.

The last thing I have done some work on is Neave Blacktalon. I picked up this model quite a while ago. I thought she was a cool model and might find her way into an army one day. If anything I would have a cool model for display.

I wanted to paint her a metallic red but could not find one I liked. I still have some highlighting and wash on her armor. I have a few touches to do and the decorations on her cloak. I am looking forward to her being finished. I might have to start a Stormcast Eternals army to go with her once my Daughters are finished.

That is all I am currently working on. Next week is both Orktober and Dreadtober. I have not seen anyone really talking about dreadtober this year but I have a doosey of a plan. Look for my first post next week.

Questions? Comments? What are you working on?