Sunday, September 30, 2018

Showcase: Neave Blacktalon

I know I jumped the gun releasing my orktober plan before actual Orktober so to just clear the table I have finished Neave Blacktalon.

I should clean up her base wit ha black rim.  It is a little thing that I never notice till I take these pictures. I am bit surprised the stormhost silver doesn't show up well on camera.

I love the dynamic pose that she has.  I am not sure of her on the battle field.  I think she pairs well with the winged stormcast.

This was a fun model to paint up.  I am not sure if I will ever field her but if I ever have stormcast I now have a paint scheme for them.

I plan on focusing on ork for the next month.  I have the bunker, the warboss, some bomb squigs, and a nob with waaaagh banner to work on.  Then if speed freeks and the warboss on trike comes out I can work on them as well.  This will be a good month!