Thursday, September 20, 2018

Showcase: Armiger

Along with the Reiver I had almost completed my second Armiger.  I finished adding the basing and painted and sealed the Agrellan Earth and I have a second Armiger finished.

I painted my last Armiger in the darker purple that the rest of my Ad Mech vehicles are done in.  Since I wanted this one to be a bit different, I decided to paint him the lighter purple of my leaders to signify that he is an individual while he still is related of the group.  I tried a few other things to make him stand out but in the end the primary color and yellow skulls are the only thing that I kept.   

I also tried a new crackle paint on the base.  I didn’t get the result I wanted so, I went back to the Agrellan Earth.  I also added some pink foam for some rocky outcroppings like the Dunecrawlers and other knights.  Not the greatest of basing but it helps breakup the totally flat surface.
I still have the guns for him to work on but until I find my magnets they are on hold.  Right now I can run one of each of the armigers or two warglaives.  I am ok with that.

Next up is the abominant, witch elves, and stingwings.  We are getting closer to the best month Orktober.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews!