Friday, September 28, 2018

Showcase: Abominant

After a little more work, I finished up my Abominant. Him and his little buddy are now ready to lead a mass of mutated behemoths across the board to smash some faces.

While I was painting him, I noticed that some of the details(especially on the familiar's face) were harder to pick out. I am not sure if it is my aging eyes or the primer I used masking some of the detail but I was a little sad. I do like the detail on the faces of the Abominant though. I thought they turned out well. 

I have had the chance to use him in battle once and he seemed to do okay. He would have done better if I remembered his rules and he got a better cult ambush roll. Over all I think he is a great addition to the Genestealer Cult. He is not game changing but a solid choice for a weak index army. Hopefully, they will turn it around with their codex. I know the Big FAQ didn't help them in the slightest.

Well that is all I have for now. I plan to finish out Neave and maybe a few T'au this weekend before the switch over to Orktober. need to figure out all I need to work on next month.

Questions? Comments? Returning to the shadows.....